The Blogger

Introducing the Blogger

Revamp your blog and captivate your audience with The BLOGGER Package.

Our 6 stunning animations, custom-designed for your unique brand, will bring your content to life like never before. With the option to feature your own voice or add a professional voiceover, The BLOGGER ensures maximum engagement and audience retention.

Our team will create a custom character that perfectly represents you, your product, or your brand. Our animations will guide your viewers through your blog and keep them engaged to ensure they take in all content.  Enjoy 6 monthly custom animations featuring your preferred character, tailored to bring your content to life in 90-seconds or less (roughly 250 words).

Unleash the Power of Animated Blogs with The BLOGGER Package! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your blog to new heights – Get The BLOGGER Package today!


The Blogger

$ 667* Monthly
  • Stop blogging to the twilight zone and get eyes on your content
  • Designed for monthly blog posts
  • Includes a custom character
  • Up to 90 seconds
  • $7200 Value
The Blogger