We recently ran a split test to compare the effectiveness of an animation versus a still image in our Facebook advertising and social media campaigns. The results were quite striking, and we  are excited to share them with you.

In terms of engagement, the animation was a clear winner. The click-through rate for the animation was an impressive 2.39%, while the still image only received a click-through rate of 0.50%. This means that the animation was almost 5 times more likely to engage people and get them to take action.

Not only did the animation perform better in terms of engagement, but it was also much more cost-effective. The cost per page engagement for the animation was only $0.06, while the still image cost $1.03 per engagement. This means that the animation was a whopping 17 times more cost-effective than the still image.

These results are significant because they show that animations can be an incredibly powerful tool in digital advertising. Not only are they more engaging and eye-catching, but also much more cost-effective than other types of content.